Dana Holding Corp to expand facility near Toledo, Ohio

Dana Holding Corp. is expanding its headquarters located outside of Toledo, Ohio, according to Tire Business. Dana Holding is increasing the size of its 191,000-square-foot corporate office by 40,000 square feet, which will require an investment up to $10 million. The additional space will be used to consolidate workers from other offices in Ohio and Michigan.

The company will begin working on the expansion in September and expects to be finished by the summer of 2015, Tire Business reported. When the building is finished, the company will close its office located two miles north and approximately 175 workers from there will move to the newly renovated facility. With other workers coming from Detroit, approximately 200 employees will be added to the new headquarters workforce.

Additionally, the company has completed a new three-year contract with the United Auto Workers in Ohio and Michigan, which represents 2,500 employees, the Toledo Blade reported. The new contract provides for wage increases and improved pension plans. The health care plans remained the same.

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