Employment tips for finance and accounting graduates

How to Find Finance and Accounting Jobs

Finding a job in the current market is tough for college graduates. There are a lot of companies that want applicants to have some sort of experience before hiring them. The good news is that there are still several skills vital to employers in the marketplace today. Having a solid background in accounting or finance is a great way to stand out to employers.

Business Knowledge

Accounting is the language of business. Anyone who has a degree with a lot finance involved has experience in dealing with financial statements. Financial knowledge is important for companies because employees need to understand what is driving the business over time. This is a tough degree for students to earn in four years. There are a lot of rules and laws involved in the learning process. If you are looking for an easy degree, this is not the path you should take. Many students sit for the CPA exam after graduating from college. In many states, students must graduate with 150 credit hours to sit for the exam. However, by passing all four parts, applicants differentiate themselves from the competition.

Work Experience

Applicable job experience is also a great way to stand out. Many students take on an internship at one the “Big Four” accounting firms before graduating. Companies want to know that the people hired have some idea of how to succeed in the workplace. Before going into an interview, it is a good idea to layout how you have helped companies in the past. Companies want to know how you will make them more profitable through your work. Applicants with a lot of software and technology skills will also stand out to companies in today’s market.