Engineering and IT hiring trends that recruiters should follow

For engineering recruiters and those who are looking to fill positions in the information technology sector, both are likely already seeing an increase in client needs that are coming across their desks. As the economy continues to rebound from the devastating effects of the recession, many organizations are now attempting to bring in the best and brightest talent available, particularly those who have experience in these specific business areas.

However, the best recruiters are those who understand the value of being proactive in their efforts – as opposed to reactive. This means that when a client presents an opportunity that needs to be filled, it's better to have resumes of candidates who have already been properly screened and are ready to work when needed, as opposed to a company waiting until the need arises to conduct searches for candidates to fill specialized or specific roles.

One of the ways that efforts on the part of recruiters can be made streamlined and more efficient is to keep a watchful eye on the happenings taking place within a particular industry. There are a number of valuable resources available that help placement professionals gain a better understanding of the industries they are working in to help them gain a competitive advantage when it comes to identifying and placing candidates with specific skillsets.

Information technology hiring trends
The IT sector is extremely broad, and made up of talented individuals with areas of expertise that cover multiple disciplines. However, a number of technical recruiters are likely working to fill positions requiring experience in integrating email, CRM and automated marketing systems into a single cloud-based solution, according to Run Consultants, a company that offers IT consulting services. Today, companies with business-to-consumer sales operations need a way to uncover buyer personas, information on what customers are buying – along with how much and how often they do so – and how their organizations respond both prior to a sale and after it has taken place.

There are a number of standalone tools that can be used to track activity in each individual area, but today's organizations want them all in one, easy to use solution that can be implemented into the Salesforce platform.

"In a word, what we're seeing a need for is 'integration,'" said TJ McGoldrick, senior consultant advisor for Run Consultants. "The additional skills of value are experience with any major marketing automation, email engine and cloud solution product that integrates to Salesforce, and those are the positions we're trying to fill."

Salesforce is quickly becoming one of the most rapidly adopted CRM tools. The company stated that their platform has contributed to an overall increase of 27 percent with respect to sales revenue and a 34 percent increase in customer satisfaction. As a result, Salesforce solution architects will be in high demand, and it would be advantageous for staffing professionals to begin sourcing for these individuals now.

Hiring trends taking place in the engineering sector
According to Wanted Analytics, technological advancements have called for an increase in openings for candidates with experience designing software. However, some engineering recruiters may find that it will take an additional amount of effort on their part in finding individuals with expertise in niche areas.

For example, candidates with specialized skills in using CATIA or Solidworks CAD may be harder to identify than those who are proficient in using AutoDesk Revit. Therefore, when needs for the former come up, recruiters should be prepared to exhaust any and all available options to help them feel these kinds of positions.

Another interesting trend taking place within the sector is the fact that qualified engineering candidates may be easier to find in Canada than in the U.S. However, if clients aren't willing to go the sponsorship route or help a candidate obtain a valid work visa, Wanted Analytics revealed areas of the country that are likely to be a source for quality individuals with requisite skills. Ironically, they all located in Florida.

The website revealed that the Palm Bay, Tampa, Cape Coral and areas surrounding those locations are ideal places in the state of Florida for recruiters to look when searching for engineering candidates.

Staying abreast on industry trends is a great way for recruiters searching for engineering and IT candidates to make their sourcing efforts efficient while also delivering quality results to their clients.