Food manufacturing plant to open in New York

Goshen, N.Y., will be welcoming a food manufacturing plant in 2016. Amy's Kitchen, a producer of organic and natural convenience and frozen foods, will be investing $100 million to build a 500,000-square-foot facility.

Andy Berliner, owner of Amy's Kitchen, said in a statement the company picked Goshen because it will give the a good location to ship their products.

"We are so excited about the opportunity to build a plant in Goshen," Berliner said. "Geographically it's in the perfect spot to supply our largest customers. The potential to source so many of our agricultural ingredients close to the plant was another important factor in our decision. We also believe it's a great area to attract excellent employees."

The statement went on to say the company hopes to break ground on the new manufacturing facility in early 2015, with the target of being operational before the end of 2016.

Amy's Kitchen will also be able to earn up to $6.8 million in performance-based incentives from Empire State Development. These investments will go to training staff and creating a skilled workforce.

Companies who are looking to add to their workforce can enlist the services of manufacturing recruiters to help find skilled workers.