Ford expands workforce throughout the US

Ford Motor announced in April it increased its U.S. workforce by 2,000 to begin manufacturing the 2015 Ford Transit at its Kansas City Assembly Plant.

This is the first time this vehicle is being built and sold in the U.S. To make production possible, Ford invested $1.1 billion into the project, which has created new job opportunities throughout the country, according to a statement by the car maker. Approximately 437,000 square feet of new facility was added to build the Transit model, as well as a new paint shop, a new tooling assembly line, 18 new conveyor systems and 550 new robots were added in the body shop, USA Today reported.

Ford has a goal of creating 12,000 new jobs in the U.S. by 2015 and the company just announced it may reach its goal early, USA Today reported. In addition to new jobs in Kansas City, it has also created new positions in two Michigan facilities, in Louisville, Kentucky​, and in Lima, Ohio.

Ford plans to increase its workforce in Cleveland, Ohio, with about 300 new jobs in 2014.

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