Going to school for tech and manufacturing jobs

The technology sector continues to be a major employment opportunity for those seeking work in 2015, a recent AOL story cited. Jobs like software development are expected to have openings of around 139,900 positions. Additionally, the average salary is about $92,660, although it is lower for people who are just beginning. It does require a college education, but the unemployment rate is lower than the national average.

Manufacturing is another area where jobs are expected to grow. States like Kentucky are providing programs that help young people get into that line of work. Additionally, most industry jobs don't require a college education – instead, people will be expected to attend a trade school and earn a certificate. Jobs in manufacturing can start at $60,000 per year, which is often higher than many occupations that require a college diploma.

From school to a high paying job in manufacturing
The key to getting a great job will always be having the right education. Kentucky is taking a big stand by helping students who are from underserved communities by giving them the training they need to begin jobs in lucrative manufacturing positions, The Associated Press reported. The sector has changed from requiring a manual labor background to having experience handling complex machines and computer programs. Much of the work done by a person has shifted to robots maintained and run by manufacturers. Thus, the factory jobs of the future require a strong tech background.

Kentucky is at the forefront of this change and is forming partnerships between its technical schools and many manufacturing companies. For example, there is a link between the Bluegrass Community Technical College and 3M, the makers of the Post-It note.

"When I first got into the program, I didn't want to do it at all," said Emily Houston, who told The Associated Press she'd originally wanted to be a doctor. "I'm glad I got into it because it is something I really enjoy and it's something that I can see myself doing for the next 40 years, and that means a lot."

A non-profit that helps people get tech jobs
Wired recently reported on a nonprofit business that specializes in helping underprivileged students get jobs in the technology field. The program is called Genesys Works and finds high schoolers who are getting good grades but come from backgrounds that aren't represented very much in the tech industry. It then finds them paid internships with IT departments inside local companies.

The adults who work in the companies often mentor students and help them grow. They also form bonds that can last beyond the internship and result in a paying job later down the line. Students who receive a Genesys internship often go to college, which is the gateway to a great paying job in the technology sector.

The link between tech and business
Organizations like Genesys provide a great help to students because they focus on IT departments inside companies. According to Business Insider, this is the major driver of success for those who really want to advance down the career path of the technology industry.

"The really good people, the ones that are going to be at that high level where they're getting the highest paying jobs…not only understand the technical part but how it relates back to the business," Vik Nath, recruiter for Mondo, told Business Insider.

The bottom line is that people are always hiring competent programmers and people who know how to design software that drive success, but the ones who really advance are those who know how to link it back to the business world.

What this means for recruiters – as well as people who want to get good tech jobs – is that having a business background often helps.