Illinois’ clean energy industry expected to grow

The first comprehensive study of clean energy jobs in Illinois found the state's industry will add its 100,000th worker this year. The study conducted by BW Research Partnership for the Clean Energy Trust and Environmental Entrepreneurs found the clean energy industry in Illinois is expected to grow by 9 percent in 2014. Many businesses in the industry are confident of growth and 40 percent expect to add workers in 2014.

Of the clean energy jobs, 21 percent of positions are in engineering and research, 14 percent are in manufacturing and assembly, 30 percent of positions are in installation and maintenance, 14 percent of positions are in sales and distribution and the remaining 21 percent are in professional services.

In 2013, businesses working on alternative transportation grew by 21 percent, greenhouse gas management expanded by 5 percent and jobs focusing on energy efficiency increased by 3 percent in Illinois.

Illinois is a leading state in clean energy, according to Triple Pundit. The state leads in the number of green buildings and ranks eighth in the 2013 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index. It's also among the leading states in wind power. Illinois' wind farms are 41 percent larger than the average solar farm and generate electricity that can power 750,000 harms.

Businesses in the clean energy industry should partner with engineering, operational and manufacturing recruiters to find experienced and qualified job candidates.