Indiana, Midwest, display job growth

Many states in the U.S. are finding ways to facilitate job growth and states, such as Indiana, are seeing beneficial results. Indiana has displayed remarkable job creation numbers in 2014, slated to add more than 17,000 new jobs, according to Indiana Public Media. 

Indiana shows significant increase in job creation
By contrast, Indiana only had a little over 11,000 new jobs slated to be established in 2013, according to the source. This lends credence to the view among expert economists and business people that the U.S. is steadily and robustly emerging from the economic hardship that resulted from the 2008 recession. Indiana has witnessed 173 companies pledge to develop industry in the state or add to additional businesses in the state.

A reason behind Indiana's economic growth may be Governor Mike Pence's efforts, as he recently visited Germany and the United Kingdom, according to Indiana Public Media. Indiana Economic Development Corporation officials have given the Governor praise for his trips.

Other states in Midwest demonstrate growth
Michigan is also creating many economic opportunities for its residents – according to the Flint Journal, the state has been given an economic boost from Tier 1-Suppliers, who're the main auto suppliers of the state. Multi-billion dollar investments have helped to create about 28,000 jobs in a 4 year period, from 2009 to 2013. 

"What a comeback in the automotive industry, and the suppliers enable the OEMs," said Nigel Francis, Michigan's senior automotive adviser, according to the source. "They're all part of an enormous team, which we're proud to have in the State of Michigan that is firing on all cylinders and doing great work."

Many industries show improvement
Developments such as Michigan's success in the automotive world have been duplicated across the U.S., albeit with different industries, which all help to serve the common good while driving economic growth forward. For example, many cities across the U.S. have seen a surge in the manufacturing industry, helping to boost the number of hires in the industry, which in turn contributes to the development and gentrification of cities where the industry takes off. 

Manufacturing in the Midwest, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, is doing pretty well. For example, the Chicago area economy gained $53.9 billion dollars from the manufacturing industry – making the industry second only to social services.

Manufacturing recruiters in Chicago and other hotspots for the industry can search for employees with the best talent and work-ethic.