INTAT Precision to expand facility in Rushville, Indiana

INTAT Precision, Inc. is set to expand its Rushville, Indiana, location. The Japan-based company supplies automotive equipment such as brakes, chassis and power train components to vehicle manufacturers, primarily Toyota, according to Area Development.

The company is going to invest $22.7 million into the multi-stage expansion. The first state is the renovation and equipping of the 375,000-square-foot production facility. When it's finished, the plant will create structural automotive parts currently being manufactured in Japan. The next stage will be to build a new 50,000-square-foot plant to house their increased operations.

This will add three production lines to the Rushville, Indiana, location. The company will invest in new die quench presses that are lighter and stronger than the traditional equipment.

INTAT current employees about 350 full-time workers and the project will create up to 40 new jobs in 2016. It plans to begin hiring workers for its engineering, maintenance and operations departments in December, according to the Rushville Republican.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation authorized a tax credit up to $400,000 for INTAT based on it's projected job creation numbers. The company will become eligible to take the tax credit once they hire a certain number of Indiana residents. Rushville, Indiana, is also considering other tax incentives for the company, Area Development reported.

Businesses expanding their facilities and adding manufacturing lines should partner with operations and manufacturing recruiters to find the most skilled candidates for their open positions.