Japanese manufacturers looking to set up shop in U.S.

The U.S manufacturing industry may be adding new jobs as several Japanese companies are looking for manufacturing sites for their businesses, according to the General Consul for Japan.

This is not the first time Japanese manufacturing companies have been keen to come to America. North Carolina, as of January 2012, had 236 Japanese companies working in the state, the News & Observer reported. There were more than 22,235 people employed by these companies. 

Kazuo Sunaga, who helps bring Japanese businesses to North Carolina and four additional southern states, told the News & Observer more companies are thinking about bringing their business to the U.S. Sunaga said the decline in energy costs are the key reason for these companies to come to the U.S.

"I am now saying to the Japanese businessman … if you take into account the labor costs and energy costs, and the cultural benefits and political stability and democracy here, I think the U.S., particularly in the South, is the best place to invest," Sunaga said.

New companies that come to North Carolina can look to manufacturing recruiters and operations recruiters to help them find workers.