Jobs in renewable energy continues to grow

Renewable energy recruiters will be working overtime as the industry's demand for employees continues to increase. Renewable energy solutions and technology have been given a boost by troubling environmental reports regarding fossil fuels and the public's increased interest in cleaner fuel sources. Recent reports indicate the need for employees in this ever expanding field continues to rise and shows no signs of stopping.

Across the world
The International Renewable Energy Agency stated the number of global renewable energy positions reached 6.5 million as of 2013. Of all the countries surveyed, the United States placed third in the availability of clean energy jobs behind China and Brazil. China's major growth was in solar photovoltaics​, with positions expanding from about 400,000 in 2011 to 1.5 million in 2013. The U.S. also saw a significant increase in its solar energy industry. In 2013, U.S. solar jobs increased 20 percent from 2012, which is 10 times the national average for job growth in that year. Wind energy has been a recent job creator in the U.S., particularly when it comes to manufacturing. Before 2005, the domestic content of wind turbines was less than 25 percent. In 2012, it was 67 percent. Around the world, energy jobs are on the rise and the effects are being felt very strongly in the U.S.

Individual U.S. states
The greatest amount of growth was seen in the western states due to the availability of natural resources and local government support. According to the Motley Fool financial report, California has recently announced 15,397 new renewable energy projects. It's not just the West though, the East and Midwest also saw significant increases. Missouri was one of the states ]that saw the highest rise in demand for clean energy employment. The St. Louis Business Journal reported 4.8 percent job growth last year and the state expects 7 percent growth this year. Alternative energy has become a very competitive industry in the Midwest. In fact, Clean Jobs Illinois stated the Illinois clean energy economy is about equal to the combined size of accounting and real estate, and employment is expected to grow by 9 percent this year. 

Workers are in demand
The International Renewable Energy Agency Report does suggest one factor that might be slowing the otherwise impressive spread of clean energy projects is a lack of qualified workers. This is a newer industry, and it is believed not enough countries are providing the necessary training and encouragement to individuals to pursue a career in this field. Job recruiters are finding a hard time filling positions with employees who meet the necessary technical requirements. For example, the report points to the findings of the European Wind Energy Technology Platform that discovered there were about 7,000 positions in the wind energy sector that could not find a qualified applicant in 2013.

Jobs in clean energy
U.S. renewable energy recruiters are looking for engineers, technicians and designers. The rapidly growing solar industry is in need of individuals who are able to install and maintain photovoltaics and solar thermal systems. The wind industry finds itself in need of construction workers as turbines continue to be built across the nation. Texas especially, due to the availability of heavy winds, is looking for installers as well as technicians to maintain the equipment, as well as analysts to study the results. There are other clean energy sources such as hydropower, which needs electrical and maintenance engineers, and the bioenergy​ industry, which is currently looking for research and design. All of these energy sources are constantly changing and growing so they are looking for software designers to create new programming, construction experts to build groundbreaking facilities, and salesmen to encourage the populace to embrace alternative solutions to energy needs.