Manufacturing jobs in Illinois grew in the past year

Manufacturers in Illinois have added 2,397 jobs in the past year, a growth of 1. 5 percent, according to a report by the Manufacturers' News. This is the first time the database publisher has recorded employment gains for Chicago in over a decade. The city currently encompasses 107,311 industrial jobs, which places it third in the nation for manufacturing employment.

Tom Dubin, President of the Manufacturing News, said, "With Chicago fast becoming a hub for high-tech manufacturing and start-up enterprises, as well as the state's solid infrastructure and educated workforce, Illinois manufacturing may be at a turning point."

Crain's Business reports that a study by the University of Illinois at Chicago's Center for Urban Economic Development shows that over the past three years Chicago's manufacturing jobs grew by 5 percent, outpacing the 4 percent national rate. Among the study's other findings, salaries for manufacturing jobs in Chicago-based companies were greater than the national rate by about 10 percent. The metropolitan area's average salary was about 16 percent higher than the national one, and the region as a whole has added roughly 20,000 manufacturing jobs since 2010.

Other portions of the state saw manufacturing job growth as well, with Southeast Illinois seeing a 2.3 percent rise and Southwest Illinois gaining a 2.1 percent increase. Both Northeast Illinois and he Chicago collar counties gained half a percentage point.

Of the different industries that saw job growth in the state, the transportation sector received the highest gains with 6.1 percent, followed by electronics at 5.3 percent. After those, lumber/wood was up 3 percent, furniture/fixtures were up 1.6 percent and fabricated metals were up 1.2 percent.

As manufacturing companies expand throughout the Illinois, employers are seeking highly skilled individuals to fill these specialized roles. Working in tandem with technical recruiters not only lessens the strains a job search puts on someone's shoulders, but it also helps those seeking employment find the position best suited for their expertise.