Manufacturing sector showing significant signs of improvement

The manufacturing sector in the U.S. is slowly rebounding from the crippling recession and the damage it caused. According to a report from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the agency feels that the industrial industry is the key to a more robust economy, improved national defense efforts and an overall change in the standards of living for U.S. citizens.

As such, manufacturing recruiters are likely to be hard at work sourcing for candidates who have the requisite skills and experience to be placed in specific manufacturing positions. The Department of Commerce report reveals why more people will be looking for industrial opportunities.

For example, salaries for those working in jobs outside of the manufacturing sector are significantly lower than individuals performing duties in factories and other industrial workplaces. Additionally, there will be an influx of candidates that have received some form of education beyond high school that will serve as an entirely new talent pool for recruiters to mine from.

Highlighting the overall strength of the sector is a Manufacturing Leadership report on the Purchasing Manager Index for September, compiled by financial information services firm, Markit. The company revealed that last month's PMI data showed that in the U.S., new product launches, import and export activities and investments made in the area of research and development, have provided a significant boost to domestic manufacturing activity. Additionally, these factors have all worked to improve job creation and provide many more opportunities for those looking for industrial work.

All of this is good news for manufacturing recruiters looking to place qualified candidates in open opportunities. As the economy continues to show signs of improvements, these individuals can anticipate an increased number of open needs coming across their desks, resulting in more intense sourcing efforts.