Massachusetts experiences clean energy-related job growth

Massachusetts' clean energy economy has grown three years in a row, according to a report by the state's Clean Energy Center.

Jobs related to clean energy grew 11.8 percent from 2012 to 2013. The previous year, clean energy-related jobs had grown by 11.2 percent. This represents employment growth of more than 15,000 in just two years.

There are currently almost 80,000 clean energy workers in the state and 5,557 businesses operating in the state, according to the Clean Energy Center, and the projected growth for 2014 is 11.1 percent. Of the respondents, 27 percent of clean energy employers reported they had current job openings, which they expected to fill within the next three months.

Solar power
Solar energy, in particular, has experienced the greatest expansion. Of all the clean energy employees, 59.7 percent work in solar power. Massachusetts is ranked fourth for growth in solar energy-related jobs, according to the Solar Foundation. The state has 283 employers and 8,600 jobs, the Clean Energy Center reported.

Growth per sector
From 2012 to 2013, engineering and research saw the most growth with an expansion of 32.4 percent. There are now approximately 1,018 firms and 17,458 workers in this sector. Manufacturing and assembly had the second highest growth with 20.6 percent in the same time frame and now has around 564 firms and 13,458 workers.

Sales and distribution in the industry grew 4.7 percent, now with 992 firms and 21,637 workers. Installation and maintenance is made up of 2,187 firms and 19,031. This sector experienced a growth of 4.1 percent between 2012 and 2013.

The rest of the many clean energy jobs are in other activities such as finance, legal and support. This area experience a growth of 2.2 percent and now has 816 firms and 8,409 jobs.

State support
As the need and demand for renewable and efficient energy increases, Massachusetts will continue to set an example for growth of the clean energy industry by implementing public policies supporting clean energy, establishing a culture of innovation and promoting an educational system to produce skilled workers.

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