New manufacturing hub to open in North Carolina

Hoping to increase the amount of jobs in the manufacturing industry, President Barack Obama announced the opening of a new manufacturing hub in North Carolina, Reuters reported. The new manufacturing site is a combination of 18 businesses and six universities that will be backed by North Carolina State University. The goal of this facility is to enhance technology for high-powered electronic chips for manufacturing parts.

The hub, which is backed by $70 million in federal funding, will aid manufacturers in advancing technology for their prospective businesses. These new chips will help motors run smoother, electronics work more efficiently and power grids sustain energy longer. Obama said he doesn't want new technology coming from foreign sources.

"I don't want the next big job creating discovery, the research and technology, to be in Germany, or China or Japan," Obama said at North Carolina State University. "I want it to be right here in the United States of America."

Obama went on to say advancing manufacturing technology is important because the industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The White House said the manufacturing industry has added more than half-million jobs over the past four years, with 80,000 of them coming in the last five months, The Associated Press reported. Businesses who are part of the wave of hiring new employees can use engineering recruiters to help them fill job openings.

Along with the North Carolina location, the AP reported Obama will announce the creation of two additional hubs over the next few weeks. The two new hubs will be backed by $200 million in federal money. One hub will work on making lighter-weight metals that can be used for machinery, while the other will concentrate on digital design.