New tools affecting tech recruiting

One of the ironies of recruiting in high-tech industries, including manufacturing, is that technology people are often first adopters. This means that tech recruiting tends to be one of the fastest developing fields. An example of this is the way cloud technology is beginning to revolutionize this field, according to Cloud Tweaks. Other innovations that matter more to tech people include recruiting via social media, which continues to be a major source for hiring people from the millennial group.

Recruiting via the cloud
Cloud computing allows companies to source candidates from anywhere. There is no longer a need to worry about server security or huge filing cabinets because this information can be stored remotely. Someone can go to a recruiting event anywhere in the U.S. and use his or her mobile device to sign people up using basic forms. For a recruiter, this process is fast and easy and it directly demonstrates the efficiency of the agency. People who are used to seeing the latest and greatest tools have come to expect innovation of this kind.

Tech Crunch reported on the competition that exists among different agencies to get top talent for the technology and manufacturing industries. Anything that people can provide their recruiting candidates in order to get an edge ahead is likely a good thing.

"I think what's happening right now is the realization that bringing top talent is critical to the success of every company, and the competition for talent is fiercer than ever. So there's a lot of focus on how to gain a competitive advantage," said Ben Ling of Khosla Ventures, which backs different recruiting endeavors.

It's quickly becoming a battle in which only the most technologically advanced can win, and using a cloud network to set up shop at a venue is a great way to stand out among major competition.

Social media is another recruiting avenue
The second major place that people are recruiting is through social media. This has been a major trend for the past few years and more companies use LinkedIn and Facebook to advertise their own company culture, and research potential employees. The legalities of using social media to look at a candidate by judging his or her Facebook page is still in question, but it may be best to avoid this practice as a recruiter until there is a more definite legal position on the subject.

One of the major reasons people have been tapping into social networks is that millennials use the channel more frequently than others. According to Prithvi Shergill, chief human resources officer at global IT services firm HCL Technologies, in an interview with Chief Learning Officer, social media is a great way to advertise. The best way for recruiters to use this technology is to sign up for Twitter and use it not only for business purposes, but also for appropriate social commentaries, such as statements about recent sports games. Millennials will appreciate that recruiters are allowing their more casual side to show. Work in general has become more casual as millennials come into the business world and add their own flavor to the office.

The most important aspect of social media is the back and forth dialogue, as Shergill explained.

"Social media's utility is seen when organizations realize improved employer awareness and branding through social conversations and reduced dependency on search firms for hiring purpose," said Shergill on the topic of how to integrate social media.

People who use the tool to facilitate understanding and integration between managers and potential hires will have the best chance at building a recruiting pool and hiring the best candidates.