North Carolina will be home to new solar energy manufacturing facility

North Carolina will get a little greener as The Solar Connection will be moving its manufacturing facility to McDowell County, which is good news for manufacturing recruiters. Gov. Pat McCrory said in a statement that he is happy this new manufacturing site will bring jobs to the area and help stimulate the economy.

"North Carolina will continue to embrace an 'all of the above' approach to energy development," McCrory said. "We applaud The Solar Connection, a veteran-owned company, for its commitment to hire military veteran workers and grow operations in Western North Carolina."

The Minnesota-based solar energy company will be investing more than $500,000 to the city of Marion, where the plant is located, over the next three years and the manufacturing facility will add 50 jobs in the process.

The relationship between North Carolina and The Solar Connection came together by a grant from the One North Carolina Fund. This organization helps attract businesses to North Carolina in order to help local economies by providing jobs.

There are certain requirements businesses must meet before they are allowed to receive a grant, such as job creation and investment performance standards, plus they receive no money upfront. The collaboration between with Solar Connection received a $156,000 grant.

The new manufacturing facility will be producing photovoltaic solar cells and other PV related products. A statement form Gov. McCrory's office said the PV panels that will be produced will be initially used for wholesale purposes. North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker said the state is proud of its eco track record and this partnership with The Solar Connection will add to the state's resume.

"We're proud of our business partners, like The Solar Connection, that are involved in the development of advanced energy solutions," Decker said.