Private sector in New Hampshire shows beneficial developments

Widely reputed as a proponent of freedom, New Hampshire is also seeing some positive economic numbers. New Hampshire's unemployment rate in July of 2014, according to a New Hampshire Employment Security, was 4.4 percent. By contrast, this number was 5.2 percent in July of 2013.

New Hampshire's numbers are a significant improvement over the U.S. as a whole. Currently the national unemployment rate is 6.5 percent, as of July. The state has 710,920 employed residents - an increase from the number of employed residents at this same time last year, with 2,000 more residents employed in New Hampshire in July of 2014.

New Hampshire Employment Security also found that the state's private sector saw an increase in the number of jobs created in 2014 – with a total of 4,500 being created in 2014. The bulk of this growth occurred in particular industries such as trade, transportation, and utilities gained 3,100 jobs. The source excluded farm employment from their study. 

Local business in the state, according to the New Hampshire Business Review, is interested in renewable energy, such as the solar industry.

Renewable energy recruiters will garner many interesting and informative experiences in New Hampshire's improving economy.