Railcar manufacturer Nippon Sharyo expands in Illinois

Nippon Sharyo Manufacturing, LLC is expanding their passenger rail car operations by opening a new facility in Rochelle, Illinois, according to a statement from Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn's office.

The company previously had a manufacturing plant in Rochelle, Shop 3, but invested $100 million to build a new facility that could meet the growing demand for the company's product. Nippon Sharyo will use all American components as well as fabricate, weld and assemble car body shells in Rochelle, according to the statement. This means the company will satisfy the federal requirements to be labeled a 100 percent "Buy America" product.

Quinn supports Nippon Sharyo's growth because his agenda includes fostering high speed rail in Illinois, according to the statement. The Federal Railroad Administration is also working with Nippon Sharyo and has purchased 130 railcars with the option to buy 300 more.

"Nippon Sharyo is proof that federal rail investments expand the economy and create jobs," said Joseph Szabo, a federal railroad administrator, the statement reported. "This is a state of the art U.S. railcar manufacturing facility that has been built from scratch – and now expanded – in just a few years, creating hundreds of jobs onsite and more throughout its domestic supply chain."

The company expects the Rochelle plant to need 90 new workers. Businesses like Nippon Sharyo should work with manufacturing recruiters to find the best candidates for these open positions.