SolarCity establishes a new operations center in Massachusetts

SolarCity's Massachusetts operations are growing and the company is establishing a new 7,500-square-foot facility in Pembroke, Massachusetts, according to a statement from Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs. The new center is SolarCity's second operations facility in Massachusetts and will allow the company to meet the growing demand for solar power-generating products in the state. SolarCity works with homeowners to install solar panels on their homes to generate electricity and reduce their utility bills.

Massachusetts' Gov. Deval Patrick and the state legislature have promoted the growth of the solar industry in the state by passing the Green Communities Act, the Global Warming Solutions Act and the Green Jobs Act. These laws created the infrastructure needed for renewable energy to develop in the state, according to the statement.

"This facility is a brick and mortar example of how our programs are producing real results in terms of jobs and market growth," said Massachusetts' Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rick Sullivan. "This facility not only marks the progress of clean energy deployment in Massachusetts, but it emphasizes the growth of the clean energy economy in the Commonwealth."

SolarCity expects to need 60 new employees for the facility and has 40 open positions at it's other locations in Massachusetts.

Companies in the renewable energy industry should work with technology recruiters in order to find the most qualified candidates for the open positions.