START-UP NY initiative to boost manufacturing growth in New York

Some major businesses are beginning to move to New York State to expand their manufacturing presence. This is a result of START-UP NY, according to Area Development. The program allows companies to build tax-free factories near places such as college and university towns that will soon have recent graduates and other people ready for full-time employment.

Some of the businesses that will move to New York include Sonic Blocks, which manufactures audio equipment. The company plans to invest $795,000 in a facility near the Bingham University campus. Another business that will move to New York is Advanced Material Analytics, which is a company that builds laboratory analysis machines.

More firms coming to western New York
Along with the above companies, there will also be more firms coming to western New York, according to Area Development. One such company is BAK USA, which manufactures tablet computers. The company will invest $840,000 in Buffalo, which will create 100 new jobs.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the START-UP NY initiative will ultimately bring over 650 new jobs and produce $10 million in income for the state.

Those who want to expand their manufacturing business should seek manufacturing recruiters to help find top talent.