Tech jobs outlook

Although jobs in the technology sector are always in demand, the salaries of open positions are rising due to the changing landscape of the U.S. labor industry. People are working with machines more often and much of the busy work formerly occupying the time of administrative assistants can now be done through automated software. According to Info World, this is resulting in a higher demand for the people who know how to run these systems, and going along with this need is a higher rate of pay across the industry.

On average, according to data gathered by and reported by Info World, IT professionals make about $90,000 a year. More than half of the people who worked in both 2013 and 2014 earned higher salaries versus the year previous. This was mostly due to raises. 

"As demand for technology professionals rises and highly skilled talent is harder to find, the pressure is being reflected where it counts: paychecks," said Shravan Goli, president of said in a statement released by the company. "Still, tech pros are less happy with their earnings, signaling to companies that in order to recruit and retain the best candidates, offering more will be necessary."

Where to go for tech jobs
Some cities are becoming bigger centers for the growing technology sector in the U.S. At the very top stands Silicon Valley, which includes San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley, California. Forbes reported that those who can get a job in the Valley could expect to earn an average salary of $112,600. The companies that operate there include Google and Facebook, but there are also plenty of startups that can offer stock options for those who would rather gamble on finding the next hot company.

The second-biggest tech city is Seattle, home to Microsoft and Amazon. But other companies have begun opening offices there. One business that might be an opportunity is Zillow, a real estate database. According to Forbes, it's cheaper to live in Seattle than Silicon Valley.

Finally, the third largest is Baltimore, which has an average salary of $98,300 for tech workers.

Tapping into the opportunities
There are major reasons to consider entering the technology sector, and money is only one of them. The tech industry likely isn't going anywhere, and once you get a job here, the only limitation on earning a salary is how much you know. A separate Forbes article about finding new work recommended that one of the best ways for someone to get his or her foot in the door is to continue learning throughout one's career. For those in the business of working with technology, this couldn't be more accurate.