Tips for becoming a better technical recruiter

Although the economy is on the rebound and companies have increased their hiring activities, there are a still a number of jobs that need to be filled, many of which are being worked on by supplemental staffing recruiters.  These individuals are likely finding themselves inundated with job orders and exhibiting a high-level of recruiting activity on a daily basis. However, technical recruiters may find that placing candidates in certain positions, such as programming or coding, is even more challenging.

In an article for The Next Web, Vivek Ravisankar wrote that more than any other industry, searching for individuals with a certain level of technical expertise can take an extensive amount of energy and time. Additionally, there is also the risk of placing individuals in situations that don't always work out. Because of this, technical recruiters must develop much more robust sourcing strategies to ensure the success of their efforts.

This can include using innovative tactics and outside-the-box recruiting ideas that will help ensure both clients and candidates are satisfied.

Tips for making technical recruiting efforts more effective
In order to compete in today's competitive jobs marketplace, a recruiter, regardless of industry, must go above and beyond the activities of his or her peers. Here are two strategies that can be added to any recruitment plan to make it more effective:

  • Set a standard: Many technical recruiters, in an effort to make placements, will sometimes lower their screening standards in order to fit a square peg into a round hole. This can lead to dissatisfaction on the part of both the candidate and the client. However, according to The Next Web, by making a commitment to recruit candidates in a way that aligns perfectly with client expectations, even if the process is longer, there is a greater chance of having a placement that sticks.
  • Use past candidates as a referral source: Supplemental staffing agents who work to fill programming and other related positions understand that the technical sector is a very niche community of people. Because of this, individuals who have already been placed in roles likely know others with very distinct and unique skillsets. According to Nick Ciubotariu, an experienced software development manager who wrote an article for LinkedIn, savvy technical recruiters will mine for referrals from those they have already placed in positions.

The job of technical recruiter isn't easy. However, taking steps to make sourcing efforts more efficient can lead to stronger placements and an effective partnership between an agency and its clients.