Uline to expand operations to Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and packaging materials distributor Uline announced the company is undertaking a second expansion of its Kenosha County, Wisconsin, operations. Uline's operations in Illinois are too small to meet the current and anticipated customer demand, according to Milwaukee Business News.

Uline is adding a new 200,000-square-foot building and 1 million-square-foot warehouse to its Kenosha County campus. The small building will be home to the company's corporate marketing staff, who currently work in Pleasant Prairie, Illinois. It'll also become Uline's largest call center, the Milwaukee Business News reported.

The company plans to move its distribution center from Waukegan, Illinois, to the new Kenosha warehouse, which will serve Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa, according to Milwaukee Business News. Employees at the Waukegan plant will have the option to relocate.

Uline originally sought a new location in Illinois, but was unable to find a suitable space, according to the company's Executive Vice President Phil Hunt. However, Wisconsin, Kenosha County and the City of Kenosha worked to find Uline a construction-ready site.

The company is investing $100 million into the project, and will not receive any state funding for it. The company's expansion will create 500 new jobs in the Kenosha area.

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