US Manufacturing continues resurgence in the Midwest

U.S. manufacturing is on an upswing, according to the Epoch times.  Not only are jobs coming back from overseas, but skilled labor is highly in demand. Many of the manufacturing jobs currently out in the market begin at salaries of $77,500.

Much of the drive behind the changing landscape of manufacturing has to do with the boom in natural gas and oil, which is making energy one of the cheapest resources the U.S. can provide its factories. For companies that use a lot of electricity or natural gas, the U.S. is becoming an attractive place to do business.

Companies that are coming to the U.S. include Formosa Plastics, Methanex, Siemens and Vallourec. They are all involved in the petrochemical industry, and they are putting "billions of dollars" into expanding their U.S. operations, according to the Epoch Times.

Comeback in the Midwest
Not all the companies currently in an expansionary mode are in the petrochemical industry.  For example, Michigan-based Medbio is paying $3.39 million to expand its manufacturing plant in Cascade.

Medbio specializes in injection molding, assembly and packaging for the medical industry, Area Development reports. When its new expansion is over, it will have boosted floor space by 20,000 square feet and created 45 new jobs. The factory will be over 50 percent larger than it was before.

"We are very excited about our upcoming expansion that will provide us room to continue our growth," said Chris Williams, president and CEO of Medbio. "The Right Place, MEDC and Cascade Township have been integral to our success and provide the support a local business needs to flourish."

The company received a grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund because of the help it provided the Grand Rapids area in boosting the economy.

Assisting the manufacturing industry in its labors, Con-way Freight has recently opened an $8 million freight facility in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, according to Area Development. It will help local companies as a resources hub, providing daily pick up and delivery services to business throughout Fond du Lac and other parts of Wisconsin. It will have between 18 and 50 truck/tractors and 65 to 160 freight trailers.

The facility has over 1000 employees in jobs that range from loading the truck and providing vehicle support to clerical-based work.

"This is a significant investment for Con-way Freight that reinforces our commitment to providing Wisconsin businesses with superior freight service for more than 30 years," said John McCutcheon, director of operations in the Milwaukee region for Con-way Freight.

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