Verizon opens new finance center in Lake Mary, Fla.

Verizon Communications Inc. opened the doors to its new Finance Center in Lake Mary, Fla., in April. The company announced its plans for the building last year and initially projected it would add 750 new jobs at the facility. But the company's latest announcement said it has added 350 addition jobs to that forecast, raising to total to 1,100 new jobs.

The new building is 220,000 square feet and represents a $50 million investment. It's home to a 2,000-person conference center, a fitness center, a cafeteria, advance network capabilities and more. It's also a candidate for a Leadership in Energy Development and Design Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The available positions at the facility are in accounting, payroll, commissions and revenue for all of Verizon's product lines. The company has already filled about 500 of the new positions and hopes to fill the remaining 600 positions by 2015.

"Verizon's growing commitment to central Florida is great news for the families of the area," Gov. Rick Scott stated. "Today's announcement of 350 new jobs means that more Floridians will be able to find a meaningful job with a great company.""

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