Whirlpool manufacturing facility coming to Ohio in 2014

Citizens of Ohio are going to have a whirl of a time finding jobs as new Whirlpool manufacturing facility will be opening up in April 2014.

The new manufacturing plant, which will produce the company's commercially used front-load washing machines, will add 100 new jobs over the course of the next three years, which manufacturing recruiters will want to keep their eye on. Jeff Durham, vice president of U.S. manufacturing for Whirlpool Corporation, said in a statement Dec. 20 moving the manufacturing plant from Mexico to Ohio will help the state's economy.

"We continue to invest in advanced manufacturing processes in our Clyde, Ohio plant where we have a highly skilled workforce, making this a smart, long-term business decision for us," Durham said. "We look forward to ramping up production and building this quality product, for the U.S. and abroad, right here in Clyde Ohio."

The Clyde manufacturing plant will be 2.4 million square feet and is projected to be the biggest washing machine manufacturing plant in the entire world.

Daniel O'Brien, vice president of operations for the Clyde manufacturing facility, said the plant will also cut down the time it takes to deliver the products.

"Consumers have one-stop shopping" he said. "We can go from production to distribution within minutes and from distribution to shipping quickly."

The move to Ohio is also another step in Whirlpool's quest to expand their U.S. operations. The Michigan-based company announced in 2010 it would be investing $1 billion in new manufacturing facilities in order to expand the company by 2014. The company currently has 15,000 U.S. workers in its manufacturing sector and creates more than 80 percent of its products within the country, the statement said. The company has also seen a healthy amount of growth over the past year as it had more than $18 billion in sales for 2012.