Wisconsin manufacturing to expand

The Milwaukee area will see a boost to it's economy as the Eaton Corporation will be investing $54 million to expand a few of it's manufacturing plants.

Enhancing power capabilities
The investment will go to expanding one facility and renovating two other plants, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal. The three facilities are part of Cooper Power Systems, which is based in Waukesha, Wis. The three plants are responsible for producing electrical equipment for manufacturing purposes. The specific type of equipment will include substation transformers, three-phase transformers and voltage regulators that will help secure the delivery of the created electrical power.

Clayton Tychkowsky, Eaton Cooper Power Systems Division president, said in a statement the goal of renovating these three facilities is to increase production of its power distribution products, which has been a hot item in the past few weeks.

"This investment and expansion will provide new manufacturing technology and enhance our regional manufacturing capabilities to help us meet the increasing demand for our products by utility, commercial and industrial customers," Tychkowsky said. "Waukesha and the Milwaukee area offer a highly skilled workforce and play a vital role in the continued success of Eaton's business."

Increasing productivity
Eaton's business model has grown over the past few months, which is a main reason why it is investing so much into the Wisconsin-based plants. The company said in a statement during the fourth quarter of 2013, its revenue increased 28 percent from the same period in 2012. The company said this was due to an increased demand for electrical products, sales of which jumped 57 percent in the same time period for a total of $1.8 billion.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said in a statement he is happy Eaton has decided to continue to do business with the state.

"This project not only solidifies Eaton's commitment to Wisconsin, but also is an indication that the company is continuing to look toward the future," Walker said.

The expansion of the facilities began in January and is expected to be completed sometime in 2016. The new plants will add more than 200 jobs in the process, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal.

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